Top 6 DaVinci Resolve Plugins 2022 You Must Try Easy Method

Top 6 DaVinci Resolve Plugins 2022 You Must Try Easy Method

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DaVinci Resolve is an amazing video editing application. It is not only used for color grading, but you can also do many other things in this program with top DaVinci Resolve Plugins. DaVinci Resolve is constantly getting updates and supports OFX plugins, which enhance the capabilities of DaVinci Resolve.

Our top 6 DaVinci Resolve Plugins will upgrade your editing and you can enhance your videos to the next level.

With these DaVinci Resolve Plugins, you can retouch skin, reduce noise, modify speed, and enhance color. These features are already available on DaVinci’s paid version, but these plugins provide functions for free.

Let me explain how these tools will work for you to perform post-production for your clips.

1. False Color in DaVinci Resolve Plugins

Top 6 DaVinci Resolve Plugins 2022 You Have to Try

DaVinci Resolve has lots of video monitoring tools. In the free version, you will get histogram scopes, vectorscope, parade, waveform. This will break down color information into red, green, and blue channels.

With False Color, you can tailor exposure levels to your requirement. It lets you set color-coded overlay for another exposure level. You can also export overlay as 3D LUTs, which you can use as a pre-set.

2. Twixtor in DaVinci Resolve Plugins

The DaVinci Resolve has capable tools for slowing the speed of the video. When you are using the free version of Resolve, then you can retime video in editing and visual effects workspaces. DaVinci’s audio-processing module Fairlight is also sophisticated.

Twixtor allows us to make speed ramping and change the video speed drastically with frame blending. Twixtor can slow down much slower than we are able to.

Watch the below video where the video has slowed down and it was shot at 60fps. All shots look like they have been taken from a super slow-motion camera but Twixtor did this magic.

3. Bounce Color in DaVinci Resolve Plugins

This Bounce Color plugin has been leading in recent years, making some of the top-quality video editing assets which used in EUFA football league, Hillier Smith (YouTube & video editor of Logan Paul), and Halo TV Series.

This is not a plugin, it’s a video editing asset that can import into your project. The best quality video editing asset around.

4. Neat Video in DaVinci Resolve Plugins

Top 6 DaVinci Resolve Plugins 2022 You Have to Try

DaVinci Resolve has a ability to reduce noise drastically, where Blackmagic Design is providing new improved updates. Lots of users are satisfied with DaVinci’s Team. But, you will get these noise-reduction tools in paid Studio Version only.

Neat Video has been making specialized noise-reduction tools for a long time. Their products use noise profiles with advance algorithms to deliver a clean output, it allows great control over fidelity and smoothness.

5. Maxon Red Giant Universe in DaVinci Resolve Plugins

Red Giant Universe plugin is a most amazing plugin, which allows you to make insane effects such as transitions, text maker, VHS looks, RGB split, camera shake and many more.

It has a huge range of presets available in lots of styles, you will never get bored using this plugin. You can make different styles using and mixing effects of Red Giant Universe.

What you will get in Red Giant Universe.

  • ECTO
  • GRAIN16
  • VHS

You can make your entire edits to the next level with Red Giant Universe. It has lots of transitions where you can make in-and-out effects which looks amazing.

6. FilmConvert in DaVinci Resolve Plugins

FilmConvert is another powerful plugin which provides you extra color grading tools with presets. It can export your own LUTs, grain scans, film stocks, and much more. It supports wide range of camera profiles where you don’t have to worry about which camera you are using.

This plugin works on both Windows and macOS.

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