How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects 2022 Does it work?

How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects 2022 Does it work?

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The Quick and Easy Way to Duplicate Layers in After Effects

We have lots of reasons to duplicate layers in After Effects. I will show you how to duplicate layers in After Effects. If you want to manipulate some layers without losing the original layer or you want a matte to make a transparent area of the original layer.

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    You can also make shadows with a duplicate black layer after adding some gaussian blur. It can be used anywhere; it can be required anytime in your video editing work.

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    How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects: Video Tutorial

    How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects: Full Explained

    How you can manually Duplicate a layer in After Effects

    In After Effects Menu, you can duplicate a layer:

    1. Go to your composition and select which layer you want to duplicate.

    2. Drag your mouse to the top dropdown menu and click on the Edit menu.

    How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects

    3. Click on Duplicate. It will Duplicate your layer in composition.

    How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects

    You will see a new layer in your composition, which is the duplicate layer that you have made.

    How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects

    After Effects will make the second layer name as part 2 of whatever is your layers name. For Example, if your original layer was named “new layer” your duplicate layer will be named “new layer 2” it’s very convenient when duplicating lots of layers, which fills your composition panel with new layers.

    How you can Duplicate the layer with Keyboard Shortcut in After Effects

    If you are using the Edit menu every time to duplicate a layer is very old and not so quick, mostly when you want to make lots of duplicate layers.

    Feel yourself lucky, The After Effects has a keyboard shortcut for most of the tasks and also has a keyboard shortcut for duplicating a layer in After Effects:

    • CTRL + D on Windows
    • CMD + D on Mac

    When you quickly want to duplicate multiple layers with a keyboard shortcut, just hold down CTRL and press D continuously, it will make lots of duplicate layers of your single layer.

    How to Duplicate Layers in After Effects

    How you can Duplicate Multiple layers in After Effects

    The duplicate multiple layers in the After Effects option is used in both the edit menu and keyboard shortcut, first, only one thing you have to do is select multiple layers in your composition that you want to duplicate.

    It can be selected by stretching the lasso select or you can select multiple layers manually one by one.

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