After Effects vs Premiere Pro Which is better 2022?

After Effects vs Premiere Pro Which is better 2022?

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After Effects vs Premiere Pro

If you are a Beginner video editor or a Professional, you must know about these two softwares. They are the industry standards. Now you will know After Effects vs Premiere Pro Which is better?

These software’s are known for their post-production quality. You can make your boring videos to the next level with this software. But if you want only one of them & you can edit your videos fast & smoothly. We will find it below.

Which is the Right Video Editing Software for you?

If you have lots of options you will never complain about them, it’s already better if you get extra options. If you want a single program for learning to edit & learn new skills, which one is right for you?

All creative people must have Adobe Creative Cloud on their system. They have to use one of Adobe software for their quality & features. They can be using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. The Creative Cloud has all of the Adobe apps in it.

The best programs for cinema are After Effects and Premiere Pro. Both can be used one time. Some functions work on Premiere Pro better and some functions work in After Effects better. You can edit videos and make animations in both.

After Effects Pros and Cons

After Effects vs Premiere Pro

After Effects is the Industry Standard for Professional animators and Content Creators. This software is a beast, it has all the tools you can ask for. You can do motion graphics and VFX on After Effects.

But After Effects is mainly animation software, it can edit videos, but it’s harder than Premiere Pro. After Effects is for adding animations, motion graphics, keying, lower-thirds, 3D animations, Creating Mock-ups, and lots of things you can do in After Effects.

You can get lots of templates and project files on the internet. Which will make your work a lot easier. You can find anything on the internet. After Effects supports lots of plugins and scripts, which can also be found on the internet.

After Effects is a non-linear editing program, which can be difficult for you to get a view of the full project at once. You can trim cut your footage easily on Premiere Pro but in After Effects when you cut any video it makes a new layer with cutting down footage. Which might be hard for video editors.

After Effects has a complicated UI, you have learned it utilizes its full potential. Majorly it can be used as a complementary tool to Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro Pros and Cons

Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing software for content creators. It’s the Industry standard for an online platform like YouTube. Maybe some of the professionals prefer DaVinci Resolve or FCP (Final Cut Pro).

The best software is Premiere Pro because it has a lot of flexibility, is easier to use, and it’s so popular most people ask for videos to be edited in Premiere Pro only, because of its Render Quality. You can find tutorials easily and plugins.

Premiere Pro is easy to use if you have a little bit of knowledge about video editing. It can edit videos faster the After Effects. You can color grade your footage to the next level in Premiere Pro.

You can do video editing best way possible in Premiere Pro, but for animation, you have to use After Effects. Due to the lack of view in After Effects, you can view your full timeline in Premiere Pro. You can simply use both together.

Which one to Choose Between After Effects vs Premiere Pro

It’s on you what is your work, what you need, and what you expect. If you want a short animation video just go for After Effects. If your projects are big and you want to edit longer videos, then Premiere Pro is the best option for you.

The filmmakers are using both software together to get the full potential of their editing on videos. If combine both software you can make cinema-level videos, but you have to learn both programs and you have to practice both. One day you can make Cinematic Videos.

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