Hamilton Beach Blender Vs Oster Blender - Which is Better? 2022

Hamilton Beach Blender Vs Oster Blender – Which is Better? 2022

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    If you love chilled smoothies in the morning. Then you need a blender. I will provide information about Hamilton Beach Blender Vs Oster Blender Which is Better? After all, you know it blender is the most used appliance for smoothies.


    You will see lots of blenders in the market, but Oster and Hamilton Beach Blenders are the best in budget with quality products. But you can’t buy both you need only one. So which is better for your money? Which brand gives the best? Let’s find it.

    Here we will do a comparison between Hamilton Beach Blender Vs Oster Blender and find which one is the best for the money you are spending.


    The Blenders! Hamilton Beach Blender Vs Oster Blender – Which is Better?

    Oster Blenders Start below $19 & their professional blender goes over $499. Which can be more expensive.

    Hamilton Beach blenders can start below $14 for a personal blender & for a professional grade blender, it goes up to $1000.

    To make it simple, I will make three subcategories for each company with Small, Medium, and Large options.


    OSTER Oster My Blend Oster Pro 1200 Oster Versa

    Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach

    Personal Smoothie Wave Crusher Professional Quiet

    Blender Shield Blender

    Both brands’ blenders will be compared in the tier. From there. We decide which blender is best for your money.



    In old times, blenders are used to create beverages like smoothies or milkshakes. With new upgrade blades & motor mechanics, blenders have become tools for your lots of work. Blenders are used to make salsa, dips, & lots of other things you can imagine.

    Why the tiers? Because blenders are comparable at their price, Now let’s find what they can do.



    When You consider purchasing a blender, you just need to know whether the appliance is capable of your needs or not. In the Small-Tier category both Hamilton Beach Blender & Oster blender make personal blenders. These blenders are for smoothies and serve only one person.

    Hamilton Beach Blender Vs Oster Blender - Which is Better?

    You will notice the Hamilton Personal Blender & the Oster My Blend have one button only. Big blender has lots of settings options with lots of buttons. Personal blenders are made to blend smoothie ingredients only.

    These blenders are easy to use. But both blenders have different wattages. Hamilton Personal Blender only has a 175-watt motor. The Oster My Blend has 400 watts of power.

    Hamilton Beach Blender Vs Oster Blender - Which is Better?


    When you move up to the Medium-Tier, you will get the more powerful blender. Which gives you more speed. The Hamilton Beach has a 14-function blender divided into 7 settings. Its settings name are Dice, Stir Easy Clean, Milkshake Mix, Chop Salsa, Puree Whip, Smoothie Grate, Grind KY drink, and Crush Ice.

    The Oster blender has programmed settings. The model has also speed options. You can select between Green/Frozen Smoothie, Food Chop/Salsa, & Milkshake.

    The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher has its patented Wave-Action system. This means all your smoothie mixture is forced downward to the blade for the smoothest consistency & there will be no large pieces floating on the top.



    The large-tier options are for professional grade, but the functions for household & commercial are the same. The Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield blender has the settings of puree, crush, and smoothie. Which is controlled by speed settings from 1 to 10.

    The Oster Versa Professional blender offer modes: smoothie, soups, and dips/spread. It’s using low to the high-speed range.

    So, these are the blenders which we have shown. You can do your own research before buying any blender. You can check if the blender fits in your kitchen & your pocket also.

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