Salty Sailor Presets Do They Work? Sep 2022

Salty Sailor Presets Do They Work? Sep 2022

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The Salty Sailor Presets are Created for Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw to Create Amazing Vibrant Rich Colors with Dreamy Skin tones. These Presets Decrease the time you are spending Editing your photos.

What are These Salty Sailor Presets Made For?

These Presets are three-click presets, which means they only change exposure, white balance, and tint. This pack helps to achieve your desired look or style half of the time.

The Salty Sailor Preset Pack has been tested on over 3,000 RAW files on major camera brands, including Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Leica. This Salty Sailor Preset pack make your photo editing to the next level.

Salty Sailor Presets Do They Work? Sep 2022

Why Are These Presets Called Salty Sailor?

Salty Sailor has pronounced as Saal Tee Say Lr. This means a veteran sailor with an overabundance of experience at sea or an old sailor sometimes referred to as being “C R U S T Y” which was a euphemism for an “Old Salt”. It’s an amazing name for these presets.

Salty Sailor Presets Do They Work? Sep 2022

Where to Use These Presets?

You can use these Salty Sailor Presets in an outdoor environment. These presets are intended for outdoor portrait photography. They created this outdoor pack with signature bold, vibrant, beautiful tones for the golden hours.

The Salty Sailor Preset Pack is ideal for sunrise or sunset photography. The preset is extremely versatile & even it can save a shoot. It’s great for family photos, events, couples sessions, senior pictures, maternity, weddings, or other outdoor shoots.

You can use it to decrease your photo editing time & render beautiful skin tones, and bright, vibrant, bold colors in your photos. You can check out more Salty Sailor Presets Here.

Salty Sailor Presets Do They Work? Sep 2022

What’s Included?

  • 3 Tones
  • 4 Color Presets
  • 8 Adjustment Brushes
  • 2 Black and White Presets
  • 2 Finishers


  • The full Salty Sailor Preset pack is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw Only.
  • Only presets are compatible with the Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud & Adobe Lightroom Mobile { The adjustment brushes are not compatible with these programs).
  • This pack is Compatible with current & to date versions of Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud & Adobe Camera Raw.
Salty Sailor Presets Do They Work? Sep 2022


  • 2 Black and White Presets- Salty05, Salty06
  • 8 Brushes – Salty- Darken Details, Salty- Eyes, Salty- Skin, Salty- Sky Cool, Salty- Sky Moody, Salty- Sky Warm, Salty- Subject Enhance, Salty- Teeth
  • 4 Color Presets- Salty01, Salty02, Salty03, Salty04
  • 3 Tones- Salty Cool, Salty Earthy, Salty Warm
  • 2 Finishers- Salted01, Salted02

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