How To Fix DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Issue 2022
DaVinci Resolve Media Offline

How To Fix DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Issue 2022

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Here I’m going to provide you with a step-by-step guide to fix DaVinci Resolve media offline issue.

The Media Offline issue only persists when DaVinci Resolve is unable to find your videos.

This can be due to lots of reasons like your clips are unlinked from DaVinci Resolve, or VFR, 4K 60 FPS H.265 clips, etc.

You have to find the root cause of this problem, once you find the problem it will fix easily, and don’t worry, I will provide you with all the possible solutions below to fix DaVinci Resolve media offline issue.

To resolve this issue, you might have to install some tools.

So, Let’s Begin.

1. The Most Common DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Issue

The most common issue is Unlinked Clips, which can result in media offline. But why this happens, it only happens when your imported clips in DaVinci Resolve lost their link with source clips in the hard disk.

Commonly this happens when you move your footage to a different folder or drive by mistake. It can happen during importing and exporting your projects to different PC or Laptops.

DaVinci Resolve Media Offline

The solution to Fix DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Issue

  • 1. Go to the Media Pool
  • 2. Now select which clips you want to find.
  • 3. You have to right-click on any selected clip
  • 4. Click on Relink Selected Clips
  • 5. Now a new dialog box will appear, where you can locate the clips folder which you have changed, then click Ok. Your all-offline files will be added if they were there in that folder.

If you still have the DaVinci Resolve media offline issue, or your files couldn’t be found after that DaVinci Resolve will ask for Comprehensive Search in a new dialog box.

Click on Search will make DaVinci Resolve to search the files in sub-folders of your selected folder.

If you still see some clips missing, then change the parent folder and search again.

Now if you find that unliked clips are not your issue, then go further to the advanced settings and trick to fix the DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Issue.

2. Media is Going Offline Immediately After Importing the Clips

In some cases, DaVinci Resolve shows media offline, but no it’s not. When you import your clips in DaVinci Resolve, they will turn offline sometimes.

When you drag them into the timeline and play, you will only hear the audio and clip playing. This is an issue with playing H.265 or HEVC codec clips.

These are the high-resolution and faster frame-rate footage. You already heard of the new Camera that can Record high resolution 4k 60 FPS, 6k 60 FPS footage and some mirrorless cameras can also shoot H.265 codec footage.

This is because of the inability to decode HEVC or H.265.

But this is not DaVinci Resolve’s Problem, it is more of a Windows 10 problem. You need HEVC extensions to decode the H.265 footage in DaVinci Resolve. Even Premiere Pro needs this extension.

What is the Solution for the DaVinci Resolve Media Offline issue due to H.265 or HEVC Codec

  • You have to go to the Microsoft store and type Microsoft HEVC video extensions or you can google it.
  • It’s not free you have to Buy it. (For purchasing it’s priced at $0.99.)
  • Now download and install the extension.
  • Then Restart the PC and DaVinci Resolve now be able to decode the h.265 video.

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3. Flashing Issues or DaVinci Resolve Media Offline Frames issue

If you are using DaVinci Resolve and using the H.265 footage, you have noticed some random frames display media offline error, when scrubbing the clip or in timeline playback.

Eventually, it happens in footage like 4k 60 FPS which is shot from your smartphone like Latest High-End Androids and iPhone models.

You have to make sure you have the latest version of the DaVinci Resolve and that your GPU drivers are up to date.

If you haven’t done these steps follow the below-provided solution.

  • 1. Studio users can go to DaVinci Resolve > Preferences > System > Memory and GPU > GPU Configuration
  • 2. GPU Processing Mode > Choose Auto.
  • 3. Now go to Decode Options > unmark H.264/H.265 using hardware acceleration. Then Restart.

Lots of people have benefitted from this process.

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